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Mediation - The Smart Resolution
Eli J. George, Jr. of Smart Resolutions has helped more than a thousand families resolve divorce and parenting issues peacefully. After many years of seeing families devastated by divorce, Mr. George founded Smart Resolutions to provide an alternative to unnecessary litigation.

"For years I saw generous offers of settlement treated as
signs of weakness and countered with demands for more,
children used as pawns in custody battles threatened and
waged, not for the benefit of children but to gain an advantage
for negotiating a better financial deal. For fair-minded,
intelligent people, willing to listen and be heard, mediation
makes so much more sense."

Smart Resolutions can help your family with:


  • Division of property and other assets.
  • Parenting arrangements including custody, parenting time and goals.
  • Spousal maintenance and child support.
  • Issues not addressed by the court including communication matters and other personal considerations.

Post Divorce

  • Adjustments in child support.
  • Changes in children's primary residence, parenting/visitation schedules.
  • Cooperation on how to raise children in different households.